Friday, June 7, 2013

Open invitation

So I've come to the realization that not only do I like creating maps and writing adventures, but I really enjoy formatting! its a awkward very weird thing that I enjoy it to tell you the truth.  A few weeks ago I needed a break from working on my own little adventure and took a look at a download that was sent to me by Venger Satanis (he's working on a bad assed module called Liberation of the Demonslayer) you can find the updates here -

Anyways, I decided to format his module just for giggles, and to tell you the truth I had a SUPER fun time doing it.  I sent it to him and he was like "woah! thank you very much".  Regardless of what he ends up doing with his module (format wise), it was a lot of fun practice for me, and reconfirmed how much I enjoy doing formatting.

So if anyone is looking for some formatting and spell check , etc please send me a message on Google+  and pass the file over.  (I would prefer just regular .doc rather than docx, for some reason docx does not play nice for me).  PS I'll do this for FREE! I just really enjoy it.