Monday, December 30, 2013

I completed writing a interesting adventure

I managed to sit and write a pretty decent adventure, although it remains to be playtested! I'm hoping we can shoot for some NYE antics if possible.  This is a continuation of "gloomwood" that I had started working on earlier this year, and a few other little towns (debinshire/autumn-wood/port bardivik) that I had drawn up.  I decided to go with basic fantasy rules for the time being as I had the book handy.  And I had also given those rules to my cousin in law, so atleast we will all be on the same page as we play :) Here are some shots of the maps.  At this point there are 2 "leads" in the story.  I also plan to hopefully write a hexcrawl into this, and have a caravan guard type adventure from Autumn-wood to Port Bardivik.  Just FYI, Debinshire has become a hobbit village, Autumn-wood is the frontier town, and Port Bardvik is the "city of shadows" ran by a bunch of vile ingrats/traitor pirates, etc.

Unfortunately I can't really release this yet, as Its all handwritten (and I write like a doctor!).  For too long I had started to write adventures with others in mind, or possibly selling them.  I would get suckered into working on layout, design, which rule set etc.  If this thing doesn't fall completely flat on its face, maybe I'll put it together and offer it up as free on here.  Of course we will see.  I think a lot of the great modules that I've been reading, have been ideas that have been floating around in other DM's minds, and playtested, honed etc before they are unleashed on the world, which is exactly what I'm planning on doing here, possibly.

Anyways, here's the maps & a shot of my binder with my new Christmas dice :)



  1. Shane, if you'd like to get your adventure out in print, get with us on the Basic Fantasy forums and we'll help you out. We're always looking for adventures!

    1. Sounds good Chris, I am just in the process of tying it all up at the moment.