Tuesday, December 10, 2013

After much discussion I made up mind

HEAP BIG THANKS TO THE OSR Google+ Community! I posted the following

This maybe a hot topic, or a topic that is been covered, but nonetheless, What do you feel is the most well written OSR Retro Clone? A little background, I'm planning on printing one off for a newbie DM for Christmas along with a set of dice.  I've considered grabbing Basic from drivethru, and that maybe still the plan.  and go...

And now I know exactly what to get my buddy for Christmas, Basic Fantasy! When I first found the OSR movement I got super duper excited as you can tell from some of my previous blog posts.  I was printing this and that, and fell in love with the whole scene.  Most specifically I fell in love with BF.  And I printed a bunch of the rules and modules.  Now I find myself with a bit of RPG overload, and as I was needing a present as well, I've decided to package up nicely all the stuff I printed off for BF and give that to my buddy along with a sexy set of new dice.  (hopefully he doesn't read this eeek!).  Off to the store to pick up some supplies.  

In the meantime I plan to continue work on Gloomwood & Goblins Greed Isle, and finish the damn things.  Yes yes I've been saying that for awhile. 

The nice thing about this present is it gets that weight off my shoulders as well.  

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