Monday, May 5, 2014

A fair but possibly absurd question?

Okie dokie, so the "Caverns Of Ugard" has been up for a month or so.  I officially have 315 downloads so far.  Which is pretty awesome atleast for me.  So here is the question... Keep it free? The reason I ask this is that everyone who wanted to download it for free already has right? As it was in the top free products for awhile.  Or do I change it to like $0.50 and make a few bucks so I can promote some new modules in the future?

I await your sage advice....


  1. It's on DTRPG, you should be able to change it to Pay What You Want. That way people who want to contribute to future adventures coming out can throw whatever they may like your way.

  2. As Wayne said you do have the ability to put it as pwyw. From experience 10 to 20 of your downloads will be paid downloads but you may keep high "Sales" numbers.

  3. okay guys thanks for the tip! I'll see if I can't get that changed.