Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thanks Genius Loci! #projectenormity

I just had an amazing bout of writing, because of a brief email conversation with +Joshua De Santo .  THANKS MAN!

I was suffering from some writers block, sent him an email with a few of the ideas I've been having.  All of his ideas were of course Genius (hence the name of his games eh!).  Anyways, I cam to the realization that I was preceding with this module without the backstory! and that was the (pardon my language) fucking problem!   I had all these sorta of interesting ideas that were kinda sorta cohesive but not entirely, so the question was how to thread the plot properly.  Here's the mistake I made, I started writing out encounter keys looking at my dungeon map first.  You are probably thinking... Sure I've done that before... or NO! that's extremely moronic! Basically I drew a map, and was like "K this is where this is going to go, this is going to go and waaaay over here I'm going to put these guys".... the problem of course is why are they all there? what is the reason for them being there? What are there thoughts towards some of the other beings on the maps, are they friendly? why.  Are they not friendly with each other? why?  Shoulda known better..... Here's a sample map BTW.... hope it gets you interested.


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