Monday, April 20, 2015

Sleep eluded me last night.

Probably because of my cold, the massive amounts of Tea I drank yesterday (and maybe the Pepsi I had at 10 pm? I'm getting old).  I was unable to sleep.  The following was running thru my head:

After reading antipaladin games Mini6, I started to think about running a Star Wars based game.  I have also downloaded what I believe to be a fan created game called "Star Wars Galactic Adventures", which appears to be rooted in the old school.  So first thing I was toying with was which one to use.  The next thing that poped into my head is at what point in the Star Wars timeline would be appropriate.  I think partially because I've been powering thru the Clone Wars, that seems to be the best time period to run adventures in.  Because there is so much going on, there are Jedi all over the place, battle droids, all kinds of turmoil.  Easy to fit adventure ideas in without worrying about canon.  Especially when playing with two major Star Wars nerds.  "what we are Jedi after the fourth movie? nope there are no Jedi after the fourth movie, only 3."

EDIT (Luke, Leia, Yoda).

So that was the first thing, second thing that started running thru my brain was this idea of a campaign setting for Labyrinth Lord, one in which there are no regular fantasy races.  But all new ones.

Then I started thinking, that campaign setting would work better in Mutant Future.

and then it was 3:30 in the morning, and I had to get up at 7 AM.


  1. I like the way your brain works (though I feel for you having it work on the schedule it does). The non-standard fantasy races idea is one that I have had a lot. I self-published a "game" of sorts that was intended to be my take on a retro-clone. It never quite got finished, as I ran out of steam and motivation. Still, I did create alternative races to be used in place of the standard in D&D. You might want to take a look. It's at RPGNow for 41, and it's called Hero's Journey. Just a thought, :)

    1. Thanks Tom, I'll check it out. That's the unfortunate thing though, is that my brain always seem to work at the most in appropriate times!