Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Huck Finn

I'm currently reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.  Who as everyone says is "an amazing classic author".  I have yet to make a decision on it.  First off, because of the age of the book (when it was written), there is a certain word that continues to crop up, a derogatory term for an African American (which pretty much pisses me off everytime I read it).  Secondly (although stated in the preface), there is a lot of dialog that is specifically written in the way that people talked at that point in time.  ex "Going" = "Gwyne".  Things like that, that make it difficult to read.

The whole reason I grabbed the book and started reading, is that it is apparently a classic.  I've decided to go back to a lot of these old books and give them the old college try, (although I never went to college).  Partially because of bucket list reasons, and partially because I needed a break from Fantasy novels.

So far that book has my attention (despite the above caveats).  Time will tell if I actually enjoy it or not.

Of course whilst reading the book, my mind wanders back to role playing games.  A lot of people play role playing games with their kids.  I imagine that kids take on the personality's of Big scary barbarians, bumbling wizards, or super powerful wizards, or Harry Potter, or really whatever floats their collective boat.  What ran thru my mind however is how often an adult plays a child? or a tween, or fuck it that's a dumb word, how about a teenager.

It could be a interesting situation.  Possibly a 0 level funnel idea.  Throw away all the silly adult things that you know.

Did you do it?

Alright your 16, your have some makeshift leather armor, a rusty dagger you "borrowed" from a past out patron at the local inn, a sling with a few rocks you've picked up.  An a world outlook that is very skewed and innocent.  Oh and there's a good possibility that you are in love, and want to prove yourself to "what's her/his face".

Could be fun

Here's the download from project gutenberg, in case you are like me and haven't read it yet

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