Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ra Ra Ravenloft!

This Saturday afternoon we are going to play some Ravenloft.  There are a few firsts that are going to happen for me.  First I've never played Ravenloft, although I have read about it.  I am rather excited to try out the world as I know that's not the typical D&D LOTR type world that I've normally played in.  Secondly its going to be my first time as a player playing 5e and my first time as a player in a long while.  I plan to be overly flamboyant.  (take that as you will).  It appears that the evening is going to be a one shot, and then we will either continue finishing up the starter set, or switch DM's and play "Out of the abyss" (of which I also get to be a player!).  Apparently I have to go out and find 10 candles for the evening.  I am highly curious as to how this is going to work out within the game.


As well, I had a recent trip to Costco and got 2 extremely large "family" sized bags of Cheezies.  Score.  And I'm not talking a typical family of 4 or 5, I'm talking "18 kids and counting" sized Cheezies! Now to find a keg of Mountain Dew and we will be all set for any sort of Apocalypse that might happen.

I'm also bringing random dice this time.  No matched sets, just random colors and sizes.  Just cause.  Apparently we are getting pre gens at 7th level, so I maybe re-rolling dice a lot.

I'll keep you posted on how the game turns out sometime Sunday afternoon once I've recovered from having been scared.

Oh and the ear worm in the title......

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