Tuesday, October 6, 2015

20,000 Leagues Under D&D

I recently started reading "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" By Jules Verne, and of course like anything that I start reading my head swirls with RPG ideas and scenarios.  For example "How in the hell do I incorporate a submarine into D&D?".  Well I remember reading a Dragon magazine article about "Sheens", or machines.  Of course wizards wouldn't call them just "machines". 

So the idea is, what if a Wizard magically creates this amazing boat, that not only can dive deep underwater, but also has a atmosphere within the ship.  It doesn't need to be made out metal, maybe just very reinforced wood.  Of course underwater there is a lot of pressure.  But magic will take care of that! (As most things in fantasy worlds).

Reading the newest DMG there's lots of wonderful underwater encounters that you can use for an idea like this.

I don't remember a lot of underwater modules or adventures, but the idea of doing that sounds like quite a lot of fun!

Here's a plot list of ideas.

1.  Githzeri pirates are chasing the wizard in the "subsheen".  Why?
2.  A underwater city, created by an ancient race of Mermen (so typical but still fun!).
3.  The "lost world" type island can play a part in the campaign
4.  A Island of Savages, that guard magical pearls on the shoreline.
5.  The entire voyage is based on not only adventure but exploration, "To boldly go where no human has gone before, or for that matter dwarf!".
6.  The wizard (ie Captain) has decided that he no longer wishes to be part of society's rules, and has since left the world of land.  Taking the PC's along for the ride.  Maybe there's a organization that he's running from.  A Wizards Guild, that needs to find him for some reason?
7.  The Wizard would like to parlay with a race of underwater giants.  Hilarity ensues when the Giants take offfence and start playing a form of football with the Subsheen.
8.  The search for the great Kraken of legend.
9.  The PC's travel to an island of Vikings, the raiders request help from the Wizard & the PC's on their raiding plans.
10.  When the world was young, the Dwarfs created a underwater mine.  The mine has since been abandoned. 

If you haven't read the book yet, you can grab it from the Gutenberg Project.

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