Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Adventure Idea - White Star

I am a goof ball.  Although you already knew that didn't you?  Of course you did!  I've often waxed about doing a one off hitchhikers guide to the galaxy adventure, and I still may do it.  But an increasingly silly thought crossed my mind the other day.  Take White Star, and create an adventure revolving around Space Balls The Movie (tm).  I haven't been able to pick up white star yet, due to lack of funds, and I'm not entirely sure if it's something my players would want to do.  I have a few star wars, sci fi nerds in the group.  But we are very mired in traditional fantasy at this point.  Anyways, I digress.

Take Space Balls the movie (tm), but set it in the Clone Wars time line.  So Darth Helmut is a good guy!  And maybe there's appearances (of course there are appearances this is that galaxy!) of all of the other characters within the movie.  One of your players could be BARF! a Mog (his own best friend), and of course the princess (vespa) from druidia hasn't been born yet, but her Mother is involved.  She's Darth Helmuts, uncles second cousin's neighbor.  So basically no relation at all!  Throw in Dot Matrix, and you'll have a blast.

You can even make a silly reference about "No Sir I didn't see you playing with your toys again", when using minis for combat.

Honestly the sillier the better.

Here's an adventure ideas list to get you started. 

1.  During the Drone Wars, a lot of robot's have been malfunctioning.  The tide of the war has changed.  Find out the reason behind the poor manufacturing.

2.  Darth Helmut has been sent to the planet of Druida to discuss negotiate the trade hostilities between two factions.

3.  Help Lone Star make the Krusty Run in under 95 par secs.  He needs a part for the ship.

4.  Space Pirates!   Have captured Barf's relatives.

5.  Dot Matrix's Sister Calc-ulater has been abducted.  She maybe be sold off as spare parts to a large printer company.

6.  The resistance is building the giant vacuum lady (mk 1.0) it needs to be destroyed.

7.  A random black hole has occurred in space, sending a whole cast of parody Star Trek characters into the mix.

8.  Pizza The Hut's cousin Dunkin The Donut has been caught illegally gambling on nutter butter races.  He has been detained by the resistance.  Pizza is willing to pay high sums of space bucks for his safe return.

9.  President Skroob, (while not actually president yet), has decided in his infinite wisdom to run for president.  Yogurt comes to you with a premonition of darker times.  He wants you to take out Skroob before he gets elected.

10.  Another ring of schwartz is rumored to be on Milky Way #19.

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