Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Doing some Character creation this evening.

So since I'll be playing with a host of newbs in a short while I think I'll be doing some character creation this evening.   I've decided the following for the world.

Norse Pantheon, most of the hero's will be followers of Odin.

The first adventure will be located along the coast of Karameiko's, however I doubt I will get to far involved in the actual going's on of Karameikos.  Just use the map at this point and description's of the known world from Isle Of Dread.  Starting point will be a small trading town on the coast called "Autumnshade".

Hopefully we will get to Isle of Dread or Monkey Isle at some point.

All characters will be 2nd level.

I plan use the secondary skills from 2e just for background. Or alternatively the Secondary Skills from BF.

Backgrounds from 5e basic rules.

and trinkets from 5e basic rules.

We will see how it goes!

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