Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Crop Cycle Card Game

Just lately I stopped in at River City Rides, a friends motorcycle store, and i noticed that he was selling a card game on consignment.  The game is called "Crop Cycle".   I thought it looked quite neat.  Not the usual rpg type thing I talk about.  But nonetheless I though I'd pass on the information about it.

Crop cycle was funded thru kickstarter.  Here is the link.

Product Description:
Have you ever felt like farming, but weren’t sure if you wanted to experience the stress of unpredictable weather, stiff agricultural competition, and all the other challenges farmer's face? With Crop Cycle: The Game of Competitive Farming you can experience all the fun of farming with none of the drawbacks.
Crop Cycle is a 2-5 player card game that has players navigating through the four seasons as they struggle to plant, protect and harvest their crops for points while preventing their opponents from doing the same. Farming principles merge with accessible and frantic gameplay where fortunes are made and lost at the hands of weather, nature, and competition.
Crop Cycle features artwork from around Convergent Games resident province of Manitoba, with photographs of local agriculture providing the artistic and information basis for this educational and engaging card game. Farming has never been so much fun

Another link regarding the game -

Navigate the seasons in this fast and easy to learn game about farming!

Plant and harvest seasonally appropriate Crops for points. Use Event cards to prevent other players from doing the same. The first to 5 harvest points wins the game!

Whether you have a competitive streak or just enjoy agriculture, you will find something to love in Crop Cycle!

  • 108 Cards
  • Harvest Point Tokens
  • 8 Page Rulebook
  • 2-Piece Game Box

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