Friday, September 22, 2017

New old school awesome - Sept 22

*prices in USD this time, I neglected to login prior to starting the blog post.  Normally it's in CAD. 

Oversight Pass:  Adventures in Filbar Adventure.  (I believe Basic DnD)  $3.00

White Star: Galaxy Edition (Swords & Wizardry):  Integrates new rules, Original game + Companion.  Includes 25 new character classes, spaceships, etc.    $9.99

Bureau 13 - d20 Edition:  Apparently a Gencon Winning game from 1992!  $19.95

Extrastellar Set two: Space Colonists:  Minis! $2.45

Life & Death Zarth Edition:  Source book for crypts and things.  $10

Places of power: Soulspur Inn (System neutral) $3.45

DCC# 94 Neon Nights:  $6.99 Level 3 Adventure for DCC.

The Witch:  New class for Frontier RPG PWYW

BlueHolme Journeyman Rules:  $9.99

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers Of Hyperborea.  $12.75 (an update?)

Edens Lament:  Adventure for S&W.  PWYW

The ruined kingdom: Sandbox campaign  $10.

No Class Hack.  $2.00

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