Friday, September 1, 2017

Weekly old school awesome at OBS Sept 1.

There is a metric ton of awesome out this week! Check it out.  
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Welcome to Gathox Vertical Slum, a far out, gonzo science fantasy campaign setting for Swords & Wizardry White Box Edition and other classic tabletop role playing games.  $12.40 CAD

SharpSwords & Sinister Spells - Addendum

A Sword & Sorcery Rules Light Role Playing Game with Old School Spirit.  It is said that the extensive library inside the Order of Chroniclers in Mezzanthia holds all the tomes ever written in this world and others, but that is a lie, for there are many volumes hidden in ancient citadels, forgotten temples, forbidden tombs and other strange places that possess secrets and mysteries capable of changing not only the course of history but also the very laws of our reality.  PWYW

TorchbearerSagas: The Crypt of Khaab'r

A Torchbearer adventure for 3-5 players of 1st-3rd levels.  High in the steppes of Barbaria, the epics tell of Khaab’r, a brave and fearsome wanderer who rose to become King of his tribe. His dagger, Tiger’s Tooth, was his constant companion throughout his legendary exploits. During his daring moonlight raid of High Hollow, it was Tiger’s Tooth that silenced the lookouts. When he was captured by the army of Sanction, it was Tiger’s Tooth that cut the rope binding his wrists. Throughout the rest of his life, Tiger’s Tooth was there, hanging at his hip or gripped in his fist—a symbol of his strength and cunning. When Khaab’r died, Tiger’s Tooth was placed in his crypt to serve him in the afterlife.  $6.21 CAD

HurricaneHarvey Charity Bundle [BUNDLE]

Includes:  Afterpeak Systemless Setting, Elemental Cross Systemless Setting, Mine Of the Godlin Horde, Modern Monks Players Guide, Planets Systemless Setting, Sword Of Three Parts, $19.86 CAD. 

Sword& Board #1: The Goblin Issue

Sword & Board is an OSR zine full of system-neutral and B/X content! Issue #1, the Goblin Issue, includes 10 pages of:  $1.24 CAD


Meanderings #1. Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Meanderings Fanzine. Supporting the Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics Role-playing games primarily. However occasionally other licensed or open game source material will appear within these pages.   $3.72 CAD

NexEarthSetting Preview

Following hot on the heels of the Exodus System SRD comes the first preview for our upcoming NexEarth setting. This supplement details the timeline of mankind's flight from the doomed planet Earth to their arrival at NexEarth. FREE

Vaultof the Dwarven King

The Dwarven King of Brundurum has summoned you to his throne room within the Smokey Mountain. Brave souls are needed for a noble quest into the depths of the earth to retrieve the legendary hammer known as Fireheart. But beware - the Goblin King and his evil hordes believe the hammer woke a Lava Titan and they will seek to possess it at all costs. Who is telling the truth? Who is really kin to this ultimate weapon? What secret powers are at play in this tale of suspicion, intrigue and betrayal? Only your stalwart group of adventurers will find out and walk away with more fortune and glory than ever... if you can escape the Vault of the Dwarven King!  $12.41 CAD

TheDragon's Breath

An OSRIC adventure for characters of 4th to 7th level of experience. This adventure takes the explorers to a place few people ever see and live to tell about it...the lair of a dragon. This expedition is not for the faint of heart. Lives will almost certainly be lost. But the rewards are almost as certain to be immense.   $4.34 CAD

A CITYFULL OF SINNERS - Game Master's Guide for The Vigilante Hack

A City Full of Sinners a follow-up source book to The Vigilante Hack, is a compilation of Optional Setting, City Building tools, additional rules, tweaks and options that can take your Vigilante Hack game where you want go.  $2.48 CAD for PDF

TheBlight: Bundle of Blighted Adventures (SW) [BUNDLE]

Includes S&W Adventures:  The Crooked Nail, Horror In The Sinks, Bloody Jack, The Crucible, Children Of The Harvest, $45.86 CAD

VillageBackdrop: Tigley (SNE)

Wracked by disaster, Tigley is a village reborn. Standing on the fringes of a noisome marshland, its folk make their living from the swamp, and harvesting the guano excavated from the caves honeycombing the spire of rock upon which stands much of the village. But all is not peaceful in Tigley. The villagers’ unique burial rituals have attracted undead to certain nearby sunken ruins and goblins have been seen in the locality. In the village itself, influential figures vie for control of the local industries, a bully uses his influence to spread lies and cause trouble and the village priest hides a terrible secret. Once again, Tigley is a village teetering on the edge of disaster, but this time it is a disaster of the village’s own making.  $3.04 CAD

VillageBackdrop: Silver Bluff (SNE)

Silver Bluff provides respite from the nearby harsh mountains. Chief among these is Mount Argent, which the villagers mine for its namesake silver on behalf of the Hargrave’s Resources mining company. However, the respite is anything but welcome, as the miners distrust each other as much as they do strangers. The rich silver seams the miners have worked for over fifty years have dried up. While the recent discovery of powdered adamantine temporarily buoyed hopes among the villagers, a grisly murder has put everyone on edge.  $3.04 CAD

TheBlight: Tome of Blighted Horrors (Swords & Wizardry Edition)

This book is a Blight GM's best friend; it takes the 24 new monsters and templates to be found in the Bestiary chapter of the The Blight GM Guide and breaks them out into a separate book before adding more than 50 additional new Blight and Between up to over 80 new monsters. In addition the book provides new universal monster rules and compiles new subtypes and feats  along with all the subtypes and feats in existing Frog Gog Games Tomes of Horrors into a single book for ease of reference. To round it all out, the appendices provide a complete listing of the monsters in this book by type and subtype, by CR, and by terrain, as well as, lists of monsters as PCs and monsters that can be trained. Don't go into a game with your players unarmed. Take The Tome of Blighted Horrors with you, and let them know the danger of venturing into The Blight.  $12.40 CAD

PC13 -The OSR Witch

The witch is perhaps the most common unofficial character class for the first and original editions of the world's most popular fantasy RPG, with variations appearing in magazines, unauthorizaed supplements, fanzines, and no doubt the house rules of 1000s of games. PWYW


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