Wednesday, August 1, 2018

DAY 1 - DIY30

My hope is to slowly world build. My guess will be that I won't fill in every single item on the list a day. As noted from yesterday's post I won't be around for the next few weeks, but hey it's a start!

Bocchoris: Bocchoris is the seventh son of the Pharaoh of the Venusian city of Glass. Bocchoris is the main General in the army of the Pharaoh, and he is tasked with keeping the city safe from incursion & siege. While Bocchoris does not stand a chance to become Pharaoh, he does have the city and ruler's best interest at heart. He is a tough negotiator and tactician.

Base Station 12: This long forgotten outpost has remained abandoned. At one time it was the twelfth human settlement on Venus. The base station has slowly sunk into a large pit over the years, making it difficult to access. Enterprising PCs may find high quality gear and treasures within.

A group of 1d6+2 Grey humanoids are digging in the ground with large metallic construction equipment.  If questioned, they will reveal that they are looking for a lost set of historical tapes.  

The Observatory: The highest point in the Venusian city of Glass. At the top of the educational authority sits a rounded glass room. The Observatory allows a 360 degree view of the city and outlying areas.

Liopider: A liopider is a frightening cross between a Lion & a large spider. A native of the Venusian landscape, this predatory animal hunts in packs. The visage of the Liopider is that of the front torso being a Lion, and the back and rear torso of a giant black spider. However the animals face contains thousands of unblinking eyes. The liopider has the ability to spin large webs, and will also hunt on the ground, attempting to sneak up on its prey. It is immune to poision, and can secrete a venom that will cause paralysis.
No Enc: 1d6 AC: 4 HD 4 ATT: Claw/Claw/Bite DMG 1d6/1d/6/1d3* Save vs paralysis

Affect Gravity: When this spell is cast, the gravity in a 30 foot radius becomes either heavier or lighter (depending on the whim of the caster) for 4 rounds.

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