Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The reason why I'm enjoying it

Early in the spring we shut off our netflix, in an attempt to not be "lumps on the couch" during the summer.  This was a smart move.  Now that it's starting to get colder out (we are already in the single digits in the morning), we've restarted our subscription.

I had heard a bit about "disenchantment" from a few people on G+ and thought I'd give it a go.  I know that for some people that show comes off a little "meh", and that's fine.  I don't know if I would equate the humour to "toilet humour", but I do find myself giggling thru out the show.

What it really reminds me of, is the way our old school group plays DND.  The adventures have a sense of danger but usually turn towards laughs.  (our group is totally the monty python meme, complete with the monty jokes).  On occasion the game becomes a bit Muchkinesq and that's fine.  I mean in the grand scheme of things it's just a game right?

What I have started to realize is that the world that Disenchantment takes place in, is a really fun and wonderful world to play games in.  In our current game (I'm not DMing), some of the places near us are called things like "the blood river!" and "the jagged mountains", and the "trolls tooth falls".  Of course there's probably a very fairy specific forest in there somewhere.

What I'm getting at is the typical troupes of fantasy.

However, what I'm thinking about is turning all of that on its head for the sake of laughs (and adventures obviously).

In one of the episodes Hanzel and Gretle make an appearance.  But they are completely different, the story starts off the same, but in the end they become cannibals and live in the gingerbread house.  I love that! It reminds me of the near sighted partially deaf guard from our raveloft campaign.  Anytime someone would speak he would yell "who goes there!", because he was only aware of one player at the gate at a time.  Things like this make me laugh still.

A few plots hooks for a silly fantasy world. 

1.  A dragon who has been kidnapped by a princess.
2.  A witch who is beautiful, and has been cursed by an evil princess.
3.  The werewolf who hunts the hunters, because they have stolen something from him/her
4.  The nice orc colony who makes toys for kids.
5.  Elves that have destroyed the forest to make way for a large shopping mall.
6.  Dumb barbarian raiders who get drunk easily.
7.  The sword in the stone is actually a demonic curse.
8.  The small boy who killed a powerful wizard and then went on to lead a normal life.
9.  The Minotaur sells tickets to his labyrinth, which is similar to an escape room.
10.  The plague that makes people cough up jelly beans.
11.  The candy maker who has lost all his/her recipes.
12.  Once a year a elf comes into peoples houses and steals their toys.
13.  Seven dwarves who need to be rescued from servitude.
14.  Gypsy's who do very serious political plays have gone missing.
15.  The wolf who was waylaid by a little girl in the forest.
16.  The three gangster pigs who charge crazy taxes to see their nice mansions.
17.  Beggar child who is actually a prince/princess BUT is wholly evil.
18.  The good doctor who sews together corpses so they can be his friend.
19.  Tales of a far away land filled with violent singing mice and ducks.
20.   A teaparty that no one is ever invited to.

Fantasy Places

1.  Chocolate River
2.  Fairy Forest
3.  Murmuring Moor
4.  Haunted Hill
5.  FriendlyVille
6.  Dragons Roost

This post is obviously silly.

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