Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Created a few hirelings for the Isle

I have 6 or so pre generated characters for Isle of dread campaign.  All of which are at 5th level.  I originally though I'll go ahead and create a wack of 3rd level characters with backstories etc.  The intention was if one of the main PCs die, they get their peon to use, and it would be the same class as the PC.  So a thief pc gets a thief hireling.  Which kinda makes sense right? I mean they are sorta learning from the PCs. 

I managed to get about 2 done, and then realized these guys are MEAT SHIELDS! They are just going to basically be rolling attacks and damage dice for them.  So rather than get into the whole background thing etc I literally just created 4 basic hirelings. 

Hopefully you catch the funny Canadian joke in there.

As a side note, I'm really enjoying the prep for this.  A lot of the times I'd be thinking all day "When I get home I'm going to work on writing!"  And then I'd get home and be so tired from work I'd have a nap.  For whatever reason this is giving me some get up and go! and that's wonderful.

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