Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A New PWYW adventure - A Fool's Errand

A local jester (Gat) is looking for an ancient tome detailing long forgotten dances, it is called the “Grimoire Of Collected Dance” written by Halin Dwarivsh. He hopes to take his stage show to the next level. He hires the PCs to track it down after finding the possible location of the tome. In return for the tome, the PCs will receive a treasure map and some gold. The jester is part of a local troupe, (him and his brother). The brother (Lath) is very cynical and believes this book to be cursed. He has overheard the conversations his brother has been having, and is quite worried about the outcome. He has hired a local sorceress to make sure that the book remains hidden. Unbeknownst to either party, a demon has been on the trail of the cynical brother and is using this tome for his own means.

Map by Matt Jackson. 

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