Friday, July 12, 2019

f**k spammers

Listen you stupid bots.  Go ahead and comment all your needless seo spam on this post ONLY!

I'm really getting tired of having to go thru and blow away all these dumb comments.

Not that I really want to spend the time creating a new wordpress site.  But its starting to get to that point.

Here's a random table of places and causes for spammers death. 

1)  In a ditch.
2)  Dragon fire.
3)  Acid burns.
4)  Drown off the sword coast.
5)  At the mercy of Iuz.
6)  trade places with a genie spend your life in servitude of stupid adventurers.
7)  Getting pushed from the top of a tower by a knight who was in the middle of something.
8)  Drink the iocane laced goblet.
9)  Become a sacrifice for the snake cult.
10)  Die of starvation in the stocks in Blacksand.


  1. We get spam on WordPress, too.

  2. Haha. Enjoy that genie life, fuckers!

  3. It means they recognize you as a good source of impressions. It’s a compliment.

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  5. Very funny! Like the table of dooms! But if I dare to give Robo-Devil his due, rarely, some premium schpam shows up that stands out from the usual SEO and electrical-rates-comparison. I kind of enjoy the Nigerian woman who offers to share her secret spells of love and murder. Also the one which starts: "I am John Smith. I am from Canada. I am a powerful vampire," and then says he can make us into vampires, too. Finally, sometimes when I work hard to scrawl a blog post and there's nary a comment for months and I'm unsure any human eyes at all have read it, at least I can be reassured that machines of loving grace have taken the time to enfold my post in their digital fingers and gently breathe their schpam into the comments.

    1. Ooops, sorry! I guess I mentioned the V Lord and he appeared. Disappointingly, he doesn't even claim to be Canadian.

    2. hahaha. Yeah he appeared more than once!

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