Tuesday, May 10, 2022

My osr addiction

When I first discovered the osr, blogging and gplus I was super hooked.  It was the escape I needed for a long time, it gave me fuel to work on creating.

Since the death of gplus I've just ran games and not created much.  Other than things for myself.  Creating out of necessity.  

Lately I've been happy just playing in a game weekly, and I love it. 

Sure I spend some time here and there plotting my next campaign and then quickly disregard it for the next idea.  When there was a whole world daily with new posts to read , think about and riff on it fed the addiction.  I'm sure this still happens with other bloggers in the sphere.  

I've been searching for my next "all in addiction....err past time".  I haven't found it yet .  Maybe I'm content? I dunno.  Content with gaming that's for sure.

I'll run another game, just not sure when.  I'll probably write more silly stuff and post it here, just not sure when.

I'm probably a bit exhausted to be honest.  Not from games, but other things .

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