Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Started working on a thing and realized

So I started working on a thing, and it's basically a total rehash of something else.  Which has lead me to think about things that are needed.  But to go back one sentence, I should see where this goes and follow thru.  I don't do that.  I actually had a super interesting conversation last night prior to our D&D game about ADHD.  

I've never been diagnosed, but I clearly have it.  What we were discussing is the idea that we (adhd'ers who are creators) tend to not get things done unless there is a time line.  Well a deadline.  Because we can always just put it off.  

At some point in time, anxiety, depression etc hits and then with that comes the adrenaline rush and you just sit and get shit done.  It could be at 1 am on a tuesday when you have to work the next day.  

Obviously there is a medication out there to help you focus.  But you also need to be diagnosed.  Which is a long process.  For the most part I don't want to be medicated.  I do however do a lot of self medicating.  Would I do less of that if I was medicated? Likely.   One of the biggest problems I face, is that I decide "Hey so I'm going to quit doing this thing, because it's bad".  And I make it awhile, and then all of the weirdness fills me and I fall right back into it.

Weirdness is probably the best way to describe it.

Alright D&D.  So what is actually needed? What is something I want to play?  I want to play in a domain game, and not wait to get to that point.  I've said it before I'm a really big fan of the first few levels of D&D.  (This include 5e).  I've never really played any upper level PCs.  Partially because I enjoy lower levels, and partially because I am always the one in harm's way.  Last night we got TPKd.  It was fantastic. 

So you start out at level 8 or so.  All of the PCs in the game are rulers of a small section of land.  They have a keep and are tasked with making sure everything stays up and running.  They have to fend off monsters, deal with bad crops etc.  I dunno if this sounds fun at all?  

I do know that there are some supplements out there for stuff like this (birthright) and there are rules for domain play.  Are there any OSR books that have this developed?  

If you have a hex map of the land that you live and rule on, would you know every square inch?  As a 8th level bad ass would you be out taking care of bandits? or sending the peons to deal with it?  Obviously anything like a dragon would fall on your lap.  

How would this be fun?  I know from a mathematical standpoint there are likely players out there that would super enjoy it.  I'm looking at you Joe!  Spending time selling off gear and managing the hoard can be a fun thing to do.  On some occasions its a good off game thing, via email etc. 

Circling back, I've got one full page so far in the thing that has already been done (a lot actually) and it's probably not as great but who the crap cares anyways?  Right so 64 pages that's the goal. 

And that was a ramble! 

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