Monday, October 10, 2022

Elves of winterwood

The ice elves of winterwood have the ability to remember time. Stored in their memories are eons of information that they can travel back to and re live at a moments notice.

When an elf dies they are reborn with all of their previous lives memories intact.

There are three main clans of ice elves that live within the vast winterwood.  Their leaders are descendants of previous leaders.  With that the government, culture and society is unchanged.  They are highly inquisitive.

Ice elves have built great castles made of ice, wood and stone.  Here they toil, working on astronomy, astrology, chemistry and other forms of taboo science.  The quest is to be all knowing and all seeing.  

Religion plays no role in their society, having displaced it long ago for wisdom and understanding of the natural world.

Ice elves are born without an inherent magical ability (unlike their pointed eard cousins of high folklore).  

They generally stand six feet tall, have long white or golden hair.  Their skin is the colour of off milk, almost almond.  

Because of their intense training regimes they are generally well built and muscular.

If encountered beyond the woods they will likely be doing the following:

1.  Treating with a local sage or scholar.

2.  Gazing upon the sun and stars.

3.  Searching for ancient sites.

4.  Hunting great beasts to dissect 

They are often found riding great raccoons.

Ice elf 

Prime requisite: wisdom

Add +1 to strength 

HD 1d6

Max level 8 

(xp required as per bx).

Can use esp once a day.  (As spell).

Immune to cold.  Infravision 60'

Upon death a character can reincarnate 3 levels below the level they were at the time of death.  All attributes are -1 from the original stats.

2-6 chance of tracking in the wilderness.

Can wear any armour , but typically are covered in leather armour and furs.  Can use any weapons but prefer halberds and bolas.

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