Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Vampyre Coven

Upon a hill south of a dusty valley lies the manor house of Granville.  Within it is a small vampire coven of six.  The dark cloud coven as they like to call themselves are esteemed members of society.  They own merchant companies, tradehouses, inns, local governments, villages and a keep.  

The have agents, informants everywhere.  

The manor is a meeting place where plans are devised and discussed.   Within it's multiple story building are immense treasures, ancient books, and a vault made of dwarven hewn rock.  It is said the only way into the vault is with the blood of a vampire.

Unlike their feral cousins, the black cloud coven do not run around the countryside terrorizing citizens.   In fact they have attempted to keep their secret as safe as possible.  Venturing out into the wilderness to hunt down large animals.

It should be noted that they have an ongoing feud with all lyncanthropes, and don't hesitate to hunt them down or pay to have them killed.

The coven prides themselves on their secrecy. They will do anything to maintain their position. 

To kill the coven one must kill all of them first before their leader, lest he will raise them again.

Speaking of, the coven has the ability to raise the dead for a hefty price.  First you must find them, then pay up.  In return they ask for a massive amount of gold and a land title, or something of similar value.

There are people who know how to find them.

The actual manor is protected very well.  It appears as a run down old house, which is a massive illusion.  The front yard is surrounded by razor sharp vines.  

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