The Blue Baron Series

An Invitation From The Blue Baron

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This wonderful forty four page adventure that you hold in your hands was written for Blueholme Prentice rules ™.  The book was a collaborative effort between some of the brightest minds in the Old School Role Playing community.  Detailed within this book is a twenty two room dungeon, new monsters & spells, and all kinds of interesting twists.  The Blue Baron holds his masquerade party annually, and because of this we have added a pile of random tables, which should easily allow replaying this adventure with different results! Grab a few sets of dice, some pencils, paper and few friends and delve into the masquerade.

Invited Guests Include:
Michael Thomas:
Matt Jackson:
Venger As'Nas Satanis:

A bit of disturbing news has crossed my desk.  It seems that a plot may in fact be a foot.  While I would like to detail all of the information within this letter, I would prefer to speak with you in person.  A fortnight from today, please meet me on the stairs leading to the dungeons of the Blue Baron.  I hazard to guess that you haven’t been living under a rock, and know full well that every year the Blue Baron throws a rather distinct masquerade ball.  Obviously you will be compensated for your efforts.  Consider yourselves cordially invited.

– Nohj (Wizard of the court).


The Return Of The Blue Baron

It is with heavy heart that I confirm the rumors which you must have heard by now.  My husband, Lord Gavanov Keiner, 23rd Baron Keiner, known to many as the Blue Baron, is no more.

Yet hope remains in the words of his final command, a rather unique funeral arrangement.  The Blue Baron dares all brave and adventurous souls who would risk death in trade for fame and glory to come forthwith to Einhornstadt, arriving no later than three days before moonrise.
My Lord Baron calls on you from beyond the grave. Ignore him at your loss and peril.
Maria Keiner

A collabarative dungeon for Blueholme Prentice & Journeymann Rules, for 4-6 players levels 3 and up. 
The dungeon contains: 
2 Levels 
46 Rooms 
New Creatures 
New Artefacts & Magic Items 

The Scribes:
Michael Thomas -
Venger As'Nas Satanis -
Goblin’s Henchman -
James & Robyn George (Olde House Rules) -
Jon Wilson - - b y g r i n s t o w
Jeff Cape - Youtube: God Emperor Leto II
Shane Ward -
Wayne Rossi -

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    1. It was pulled because there was a possibility of a " against community standards". It's fine now, I just need to out it back up.