Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Magic Item - Pouch Of Tracking

Inspired by Terry Brooks - The Druid Of Shanara.

Pouch Of Tracking

The pouch is quite small, able to only hold a few coins, and other small items.  It is made of leather, old runes are inscribed upon it.  The runes glow blue when in the presence of the undead.  The bag also carries a wonderful bit of magic, when the bag is not with its rightful owner it will send a telepathic message to the owner showing them a vision of wear it is located.  This bag can be very helpful if you are trying to track a specific individual.  Simply place the bag on the person (wether in another bag, or tie it gently to their belt).  It is said that the original Pouch Of Tracking was created by a Arch mage for the king of the thieves.

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