Thursday, July 3, 2014

New monsters from an old Terry Brooks novel

Currently reading "The Druid Of Shanara" by Terry Brooks and I stumbled upon to possibly interesting monsters.  One is the "Rake" or "Cleaner" its a part machine part insect that's gigantic.  Its sole purpose in life is to clean the streets of an abandoned city of anything that is living.  It can get very small and sneak into buildings, it is extremely fast.  When I read about it I thought of the "Cleaners" from Labyrinth Movie.  I suppose it can be construed as a bit steampunk and a bit Shadowrun.  (I'll see if I can come up with some stats).  The second monster is Maw Grint, the child of the Stone King, which is in the form of a gigantic worm like creature that turns to stone everything in his path.  The Maw Grint is a elemental, it was created by its father, and was originally humanoid in appearance, but the Stone King has changed its shape over time to fulfill his needs.  Part of the problem is that Maw Grint has become so powerful that he is challenging his father.  

The city where this takes place is Eldwist, (since I haven't finished reading the book yet) it appears that Eldwist was once a modern day city.  First thought was Star Wars, "Long time ago in a galaxy far far away" kinda thing.  Both of these monsters could be very interesting in a RPG campaign.  

Side note, I've had a terrible time trying to get thru these books, I read the Triology of Shanara a few years ago, and I didn't mind them, other than that they were very similar to LOTR.  I picked up the next 4 books at a book markets, finished the Scions of Shanara very quickly, then I jumped into the Druids.  3 years ago I took the book with my Cuba, I am just know finishing it.  It started off a bit slow, and there was a ton of characters to attempt to follow.  Brooks is a great author, but he is one of those authors were you have to really involve yourself in the story, if your mind wanders you are buggered, and have to go back a few pages to catch stuff. 

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