Monday, July 7, 2014

5e "pre" thoughts

After reading thru a few reviews, so far it seems that the reaction to 5e seems to be on the overall quite positive.  I am going to try and download it at some point today and check it out.  From what I gather its missing monsters & magic items etc.  Of course what do you want for free.  That got me thinking, when I first got the 2e PHB & DMG, I also got a module (rather than the monster manual).  Viola monsters! and a few magic items.  Sometimes its best to let your imagination run wild.  I even went back to kotb at the time and grabbed some stats from there.  If you really wanted to be on the cheap, I'd suggest the above, grab the basic free pdf and whatever module comes out and there yah go.  Obviously though it is smarter to grab everything if you plan to go "all in".  Anyways, that's my 2 cents, I'll be downloading it later today just to check it out and see.  In the meantime i've been reading thru Mutant Future and quite loving it.  The only issue so far is that a lot of the monsters are quite powerful.  I think the first adventure I run I"ll have to have a few hirelings "meat" around just to help out the odds a bit.  I've been looking for a decent rumor table that I can modify for post apocalyptic adventure ideas, I have yet to find anything very interesting.

PS that was a bunch of A.D.D.


  1. The content you normally find in the DMG and MM will be released as subsequent PDF's (also free) as the rest of the stuff gets released. By the end of the total release, we will have what amounts to a complete game for free, when you combine all of the PDF's together.

    That being said, word has it that running older edition modules using the 5e Basic rules is quite easy.

    1. Really? Obviously they are going to sell the books as well, I saw all the covers just lately. If they are actually giving the entire system away, I wonder what there play is there? They still have to sell something. I guess the campaign settings, source books, adventures etc. I fully understand giving away basic rules for free, but the DMG & MM I dunno. I guess we will see. Do you have a link that states that?

    2. A lot of the key elements are scaled down for the Basic rules. Spell lists and the like are much more expansive in the core rules. Also, the core books will have a lot more options for players. And of course, as you say, all of the splat books that go with any edition of the game.