Monday, May 11, 2015

Actual Play: Whitehack in the Overrun Mines

Ms +Sophia Brandt ran the Overrun Mines using Whitehack, she managed to run it solo as well!  Very cool.  Check out the below blog following all of the action.

*PS I get a kick out of seeing all the pre gen PC's names coming up

Let’s try this experiment. Shane Ward asked me to review one of his modules (all PWYW). I chose The Overrun Mines, a Labyrinth-Lord-adventure for level 1 characters. It’s a simple location-based module.
I recently bought the 2nd edition of Whitehack (review of the 1st edition here), so I wanted to play the adventure with this ruleset.
There are 4 pre-gens included in The Overrun Mines, so I converted them to WH and will now run them through the module in a solo experiment. I’m playing the GM and will emulate the players with theMythic GME. So most of the content comes from the adventure itself (I’m railroading here but nobody will complain, right?) and the PC’s reactions will be determined by Mythic.

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