Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SHUDUP ABOUT 5e already man!

Honestly, all you OSR types are probably about ready to come with the torches.  I am having a bit of anxiety about running the system.  The more I read it the more I don't like it.  I am starting to wonder, are 5e adventures written more like railroads? or atleast do they have a arching story line/reasonable plot devices, backgrounds etc? Not just dungeon crawling old school epicness.....

I know I can just run the game the way I want to, which would be a bit more old school, but I am starting to wonder what my players expectations are.  Here is the players brief bio.

1 - Newb, but super excited to play 5e
2 - Super experienced DM who's played 2 - 5e.
3 - Two players that I've ran old school stuff for.

The one thing that's bothering me is the Challenge levels, and the whole experience thing.

So from what I gather I need to pre-program the encounters so they are interesting and just deadly enough that someone might die, but not always.

And I have to level these buggers up like very quickly? Once a day?   Obviously going to have to have some kind of training required to move up.

It seems like the adventure arch needs to go from Goblins to Demons.  You start off as these fairly tough low level characters and within about 10 adventures your saving the world?

I suppose this is cool, but it makes me think.... I really need to just write something in this case.

I like the idea of the hero's not dying.... or atleast making it to a reasonable level, however that's not super old school either.  I suppose if it fits the story?

I guess the question is, is it story based,  Has anyone played thru any of the new adventures other than the starter set?

I've read a few reviews from merricb that have been handy.  However I'm trying to figure out how the actual adventures are written.    I guess the style per se.

EDIT:  I just read this blog post from Hack N Slash, it helped a bit  http://hackslashmaster.blogspot.ca/2015/05/on-defining-characteristic-of-5th.html

EDIT2:  I love how I got +5 for SHUT UP! hahahha.  As I said I'm just having a bit of anxiety, but thankfully a few G plusers have come to my rescue and told me I can still run it old school.  :)

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