Friday, August 21, 2015

Random Arcana

A list of random arcana objects.  Roll 1d20 

1.  Brass tube containing the soul of a long dead wizard.

2.  The horn of a Minotaur, when carried on a person it adds a +1 to Constitution.  Very heavy

3.  Full deck of playing cards, if any face card is flipped randomly an illusion of it will appear for 1d6 turns.

4.  Magnifying glass that allows the PC to see the contents treasure chests.

5.  A torch that glows bright blue, lasts twice as long as a regular torch.

6.  Jade thieves tools which include a glass cutter.

7.  Pair of wool socks.  When worn add + 1 to Dex.

8.  Rather large tome that contains all known languages.  Wisdom ability check to translate any language using book.

9.  Get out of death free card.  This small piece of paper clearly states "get out of death" on it.  The item can be used once, in the case of a Save Or Die situation.  After that it magically disintegrates in a puff of smoke.

10. Mirror Of Mirror Selves.  When a PC looks into this mirror it creates 3 large faces of the PC in random locations within the room.

11.  Purple Pudding - Contained with in a vial is a gooey purple pudding substance.  When applied to a wound it heals the PC (to full health), but turns the affected area purple.  4 applications per vial.

12.  Extremely rare cooper coin.  Written on the coin in common are the letters XP and an upwards arrow.  Whoever finds the coin does not reap any benefits however when the coin is passed to another player, that person automatically levels up.  (one time use only).

13. The Pan o' Plenty.  a rather mundane looking frying pan.  When placed on a fire it magically creates enough rations for all the PCs.  4 charges.

14.  Lucky Goblins Foot, this item is a gnarled half rotted foot from a Goblin which smells absolutely horrid.  When carried it allows a PC to re roll a saving throw.  4 charges

15.  The Red Dress.  Legend tells of this dress, having been worn by various princess's over the years.  When worn the PC adds +2 to Charisma, but the dress does not have any benefit on AC.  It also decreases DEX by - 1, as its long and flow-ey.

16.  Lycanthropes Whistle.  When blown this whistle will call on 1d4 Lycanthropes to do the bidding of the whistle blower.  The only caveat being that the Lycanthropes  must be feed something after their initial use.  4 charges.

17. The Mask of Seamus, this dark ebony mask is in the form of a male human face.  It is entirely made of metal with no straps, and must be placed on the head of a human in order for the magic to take effect.  The mask adds +2 to Charisma, and + 2 Intelligence, however the wearer is muffled and cannot speak properly.

18.   The Unending Map, this blank map will show the shortest route to a goal that the PC has, and will point them in the right direction.  5 charges.

19.    Hood Of Darkvision, when worn this hood allows a PC to see in the dark.

20.  The Tome Of Randomness, if a PC looks thru the pages of this book, random illusions and events occur.  Sometime a monster will appear, a portal to another world, a surprised looking piece of fruit with a sword, sometimes nothing, sometimes one of the above items will appear out of thin air, on occasion the reader will age tremendously, and in some cases they've even become an infant!


  1. Excellent list! Bookmarked for future use.

  2. Thanks JL! I had started it awhile ago, and then I was going thru my list of unfinished drafts and was like "CRAP! gotta finish this".