Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So Inkarnate is fun!

So! this is a crap ton of fun!   I figured I'd start off with an actual world rather than an up close and personal section.  That said I think it would be relatively easy to create a province section that was a bit more up close.  The program is currently in beta, it allows you to save, and download maps.  I have emailed the good folks at to find out if I am allowed to use a map created with their software for commercial use.  I am waiting to hear back.  In the meantime this will be my new lunch fun time!

The only issue i have with the program is the following.  Save often if you don't like something you can come back to the previous version of the map.  There is NO UNDO at this point.   As well the mountains come out quite nice and the terrain is magical when you use it, however the forests could be a bit larger for my liking.  There is no way to change this yet in the program.

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