Monday, January 18, 2016

OSR GM Resources

Spent a little time on checking out a few GM resources from the OSR section.

Some of these titles are free or pay what you want, others are relatively cheap but good deals nonetheless.

Hexed Places - Fen Fields 1.72 pounds

This plains region is divided by a slow river that runs from southeast to northwest . The open plains are covered in tall grasses, while patchy woods and marshy ground flank the river-bottom lowlands. At night a vast croaking chorus fills the air. Rumors claim a giant multi-headed monster stalks the river-side swamps, and a wizard's ghost haunts the nearby tower.

Hexed Places are outdoor locations and encounters based on the classic six-mile hex format and OSR sensibilities. Use these locales as a quick side adventure, to fill out your campaign sandbox, or expand upon them to create a multi-session campaign. Each includes an overview of the region, expanded one-mile per hex maps for players and GMs (PDF and VTT format), encounter and rumor tables, and descriptions of individual locations, encounters, and features within the hex.

*This is kinda a neat idea, its basically a small sandbox with descriptions, monsters, etc.  It leaves enough room for a GM to add their own flavor and background.  

650 Fantasy City Encounter Seeds & Hooks - FREE! 

Need inspiration for city encounters? With a whopping 650 entries, this PDF will give you ideas for years of urban adventures and campaigns.
Gathered from entries in the Roleplaying Tips Celebrates 500 contest, this PDF offers you the creative genius and perspectives of dozens of GMs worldwide.
Download this PDF for free today and start using it to flesh out your cities and sessions.

*Seriously 650 seeds! good enough for me, and its free.  get er done. 

The Dragon Horde Zine Issue #1

drivethrurpg - FREE 

Inside this inaugural issue:
• The Monster Roster: the leech-man and the beguine, with Oe/BX/1e stats
• d30 feature: Where Does the Weapon Hit?
• Familiars Found: Guidelines for Spellcaster Familiars
  in New Big Dragon's Universal RPG The System
• A Map of Yal Caramon and an overview of Lerdyn Chrisawn's Chronicle
• New NPC Class: Chroniclist
• The Undertemple of Arkon: An Adventure for Characters Levels 1-3
• Seven New Magical Weapons 
Interestingly looking zine, from the people that brought you the d30 sandbox.   

Treasure Book on Demand

drivethrurpg - pay what you want. 

The Treasure Book on Demand is a supplement of generated treasure covering every Hoard Class in the Labyrinth Lord System.   Additionally, it contains unprotected treasure spanning all five classes defined in the rule system.   One hundred results are given for each treasure type.
The treasure results are divided by section and enumerated providing quick treasure data for ad-hoc encounters or dungeon stocking.  The results are based purely on the random tables.  

PBE Games - One Page Tables 

drivethrurpg - $1.00

These are super cool!  Check em out.  
* Dungeon Junk 

Encounter Table 

drivethrurpg - pay what you want.

Handy little encounter table for plotting out random encounters.

A Wretched Catalogue of Gear

drivethrurpg - FREE

free resource in the style of the Wretched Menagerie series.
Four-cubit pole, 1/2" rope, braziers, concealed vest pockets for a thief, bucket, hourglass, small hatchet . . . bits and bobs of gear useful to dungeoneers (and short wilderness jaunts) of all sorts, and more than you can reasonably carry.
Contains over 100 general types of gear, and lots of sub-types, arranged for ease of discovery and use. Note that most core rule books for OSR games have some portion of this list already (although there are extremely useful items like charcoal, flour, wheelbarrows, stools, umbrellas, and similar that have been foolishly ignored elsewhere). This manuscript is more useful for its brief descriptions and "all in one place" quality than gonzo equipment.

A5 B/X OSR Character Sheet

drivethrurpg - FREE
A compact, simple A5-sized character sheet, featuring Stuart Robertson's superb OSR logo.  Perfect for use with Basic/Expert rules of the World's Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game.  The sheet is also ideal for use with Labyrinth LordTM and other b/x retroclones.

Classes of Fantasy

drivethrurpg - pay what you want

this needs a better description than nothing.   Its a bunch of playable races, like centaurs, treants, dryads, gnolls, and some much more!  Seriously cool! 

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