Friday, June 24, 2016

I'm manically happy!

I bought myself a birthday present!  (It's not my birthday yet, but a few days from now).  I've been toying with buying "Blacksand" and "Titan" for a long time.  I used to have them when I was a kid, and I honestly miss them so much.   I finally took the plunge!  and the really good news is that they may get here while I'm on vacation! WoooO!

I honestly can't wait to run Blacksand, it's going to be crazy fun!

The question that is now coming to my mind, do I run it with the new AFF 2.0 rules? or do I convert it and run it basic fantasy.  I haven't quite decided yet.

OH MAN! Seriously over the moon here.  T minus 4.5 hours and I'm home drinking a beer.

The funny thing about being a nerd when your 36 is that everything that you loved as a child is being marketed to you, honestly its the best time to be alive.  The new Turtles movie is out.  Of course on my list is to buy up some old He-Man toys when I have some money (or the new versions that are super friggin cool!

Not to mention the new versions of AD&D 2e reprints that are bad assery!  (although I probably won't buy em since my original versions are still in decent shape.)

Happy Friday Kids!

*Strahd tomorrow

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