Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Gods Must Be Crazy d20 table

Change is a part of life. 

1.  All of the local farmers crops have been growing five times the size as normal! Giant carrots anybody?

2.  Lakes, Rivers and streams have been deluged with a new species, they seem to be able to talk, and think for themselves.

3.  Manic weather of late, one day snow, the next day rain, the day after that it's beautifully sunny out.

4.  There have been large rumblings in the mountains, a scout was sent out to check it out.  He found that two god's had materialized and were playing a game of catch.

5.  A large city has materialized off the coast, it was long forgotten, but it appears that the oceans have subsided a bit.

6.  Humans are being born with strange mutations, never seen before.

7.  The power of cleric's has increased ten fold in the last few months.  The ability to heal and spells known.

8.  Trees of gold have sprouted!  Leading to a huge economic crisis.  Local authority's have decided upon a new system for commerce.

9.  All horses and riding mammals have unexpectedly left their keepers, whether they seek greener pastures, or the will of the Gods has yet to be determined.

10.  A new moon has appeared in the sky, it has caused major havoc to ecosystems.  Floods and earthquakes have begun.

11.  A strange mist has crept up into the world, villagers have tied ropes from house to house in order to make their way around.

12.  Seven gilded swords have been found, they have strange runes written upon the hilts.  None can read them.

13.  All ability to fly has been suspended, birds, dragons, griffons wander the roads on foot.  Spells fail.

14.  Gravity has been increased so much that people have a difficult time getting up in the morning.

15.  Things have randomly started changing colour.

16.  All daughters in the last year have been born as hermaphrodites.

17.  Meteor's have descended smashing specific strongholds.

18.  A extremely large tome has been found, it measures 30 feet by 20 feet.  Within it are recipes for soup, among other things.

19.  Consistently every night howls in the distance get louder.  Something is driving the wolves mad.

20.   Days and nights have been cut in half, 6 hours of each, the calender has almost doubled in length.

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