Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Yup That's A Giant Frog! - Session 6

We reconvened the hearty adventurers a little while ago to try and finish up Gardag!  This adventure is proving to be a good few sessions at this point (I think 2.5 now, probably be about 3.5 by the time we are done!).

When last we left the adventurers that had just finished killing a bunch of Morlocks, and they have found a group of half starved (and in some cases half eaten) captives!  One of the captives became a member of the adventuring party!  His name is TINK, and he was basically an arena fighter before, quite strong, and quite a lot lacking in the brains department.

Two of the captives were local farmers, and were quite happy to get rescued and lead the PC's back to their farm.  The PC's got a bit to eat and a good sleep.

On the way back to the tomb, a strange thing happened.  Out of thin air a female wizard appeared riding on the back of a giant frog.  She was mumbling to herself about "Not having found the swamp!"  The PC's talked with her a bit, and she divulged that she was looking for the "fire stone".  The PC's had previously found the water stone.

Which of course they left back at their house in the hobbit village.

Possible Snicker....

The PC's made their way back into the dungeon.  At one point TINK thought he saw a duck and chased it into a room.  It wasn't an illusion, he's just quite dumb.  

After a brief struggle with some green slime, the PC's descended on a room with a bunch of ropes tied to the ceiling.  Dead bodies layed on the floor.

I was playing some creepy Halloween sound effects thru out the dungeon.  I highly recommend this for setting the mood! Big thanks to all the suggestions I received on the OSR google plus community. 

The dead bodies started to stand up, turns out Zombies! These were previously members of Gardags cult that offed themselves rather than suffer the world without him.

We left off with the PC's having just killed all the Zombies.

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