Monday, July 25, 2016

Overview: The Saragubi Desert

Continuing on reading thru  Pyramid of the Lost King: Adventures in Basq.  I've just read thru the overview of the  Saragubi Desert.  Here are a few snippets from the text. 

The Saragubi is a large expanse of arid dessert far south of the Lands of the Usarm. Until recently this region had been cut off from the rest of Usarm due to the Sangab Rift that ran along the southern edges of the sundered land.  With the rise of the Merchant Guilds in Newrk and their great wealth, however, new lands are slowly being opened, The Saragubi Desert being one such land. 

The Trade City of Basq
Sitting on a small, rise in the otherwise flat desert, just a day north of the Narrows, lay the trade city of Basq.  The unofficial capitol of the Merchant Guild’s attempts to plunge into new lands and discover new trade routes, cultures to sell and trade with, and ruins to salvage.  

Pregen sample (not final format) I like it! 

I decided in my infinite wisdom write a little encounter table for the Saragubi Desert.

Roll 2d6 and consult the table 

2.  A large tent off in the distance.  Upon closer inspection, the tent is unoccupied, it was until recently however.  The ground outside the tent is littered with bodies.  Dead horses and camels lye rotting in the sun.  There is nothing of value left in tent. 

3.  The sand storms have uncovered a large stone head, it appears to be a relic of a long forgotten time.  It's weight is incredible.  

4.  An Assassin posing as a pilgrim is making his way towards the narrows, he is in search of someone specific, possibly a representative from the Merchants guild. 

5.  While asleep, the PC's hear the sounds of retching & howling.  Upon waking up they find themselves surrounded by Hellhounds. 

6.  Circling above the group are a few large griffons.  

7.  A dusty trapdoor in the ground, one of the party trips over.  When the door is opened, darkness and dust spew forth.  

8.  A rather strange site, a large chest half sunk into the sand.  Has it fallen off a caravan? What lies inside? 

9.  A huge dust storm crops up, making it almost impossible to see where the PC's are going.  An extreme chance of getting lost.  

10.  A rather disheveled looking maiden and lord travelling along the rode on the back of a camel.  They look thirsty.

11.  A small cave made from hardened sand.  From within a low growl emerges. 

12.  Bandits!  A large group of bandits posing as a merchant caravan are passing thru to the city of Basq.  Upon closer inspection the PC's may get into a fight, or become hired as protection.  


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