Thursday, November 10, 2016

This is a helluva list!

I finally finished the game of thrones books.  Spent most of the summer and all of the fall reading them.  In one go!  Now while I agree that the books are always better than the movie/TV show, to a degree I feel quite let down.  I was hoping for more, something more.  The lines between the show and the books are blurred obviously, but in the end there was no new information (at least for me).  It just felt like a bit of a re hash.  I really should have read the books first obviously.

Anyhow!  I've been working on a Mutant Future campaign, and since I am currently out of things to read, I put the call out on the OSR forum on G+ for some new books to read, with a certain mutant future feel to them.

The great peeps over at the community came up with this awesome list! (as of 9 am this morning, I'm sure it'll keep going!)

This is a helluva list! (Seriously a big thank you to everyone!!!!) 

Metro 2033

The Road

Coming Attraction, short story by Fritz Leiber

Damnation Alley 

A Boy & His Dog

Cat's Cradle 

Hiero's Journey

Star Man's Son

Breed to come

Swan Song, Dies the Fire

One Second After

Earth Abides or On the Beach.

Red Sails in the Sunset by Paul Kidd
Orphans of the Sky by Robert Heinlein
The Slynx by Tatyana Tolstaya
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

Patrick Tilley's The Amtrak Wars 

Paul O William's The Pelbar Cycle

S M Stirling's The Emberverse Series

The Postman by David Brin

Riddley Walker by Russel Hoban

The Survivors by Terry Nation

A Canticle for Leobowitz by Walter Miller

Davy by Edgar Pangborn

Some Will Not Die by Algis Budrys

Earth Abides by George Stewart.

Engine Summer by John Crowley.

Swan Song

Sweat, Steel & Cruise Control, edited by E.S. Wynn

Oryx & Crake

Stand Still, Stay Silent.

A bit of politics 

Yesterday I spent a bit of time doing some research on nuclear weapons.  As to wether this information is correct, I do not know for sure.  But what I did find out made my arm hairs stand on end.  From what I gather the U.S.A. has giver take 6700 nukes, Russia has 7300.  So as you know MAD is assured.  This lead me to do some research on the football and specifically how much red tape a president has to got thru to launch them.  I found this site  (caution if you are a Trump supporter the article might piss you off).

This lead me to look into Nuclear launch sites, and I was surprised to find out that 400 nukes are at Minot, ND Airbase.  Which BTW is far too close to home for my comfort.  283 miles to be exact.  Of those 400 nukes, which includes the W80 warheads and the minutemen.  Both of which are scary as hell.

However it got my wheels turning on what I've been working on as far as my campaign is concerned.  I had planned on doing a campaign within my own community.  The idea of creating a post apocalyptic Winnipeg isn't easy, or any fairly large city for that matter.  So in my head I thought, "well there won't be a lot left of Winnipeg, maybe just one helluva a crater!".  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction isn't it?  The idea that the nukes in Minot could be destroyed, go off, or launch and explode, or even be destroyed by outside forces are all in the realm of possibility (well just going off probably not).  Reading up on the W80 warheads they have  variable yield of between 5 and 150 kt of TNT, which makes me believe that if something happened there would be a large crater where Minot & Winnipeg used to be.  While this is not something that I would like to see happen (since I'd be a whole bunch of dead) it is a interesting idea for the upcoming campaign.

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