Saturday, October 28, 2017

O-SeRial level one room seven

7  There are eight alcoves in this room, each of them held a coffin at one point in time.  All of the coffins have been tipped over, the skeletons of the dead are strewn across the floor.  There is a large brass door to the east.  A pile of rubble is directly in south of the door, where a coffin once sat.  Six green skinned short humanoids are attempting to get the door open with pickaxes.  The floor glitters.  

(There are 6 goblins in this room.  The room contains 300 gps strewn about the room, this treasure was cursed by a priest when the dead were buried.  If the players try to touch it or take it have them save vs spell or take 1d6 damage.  If successful the players can keep the gold but no one in the general vicinity will take it as payment.  The goblins have been paid handsomely to collect the corpse of the heretic king.  Each goblin has 30 GPs on their person).  

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