Saturday, February 3, 2018

Solo play - Basic D&D - The Haunted Keep

The only thing that went thru Thock's elven mind was gold.  He had left in a panic from the black eagle barony, taxes were due, and he didn't have any money, the guards came and took his family into slavery.  He had made his way into the small village of Luln, with only a silver piece in his boot.  His stomach full from breakfast, he had at least a good sleep, probably the last for awhile.  Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he stretches and get's up from the Inn table.  What to do?   

"aye, I've heard tales of that old keep, most people stay away from it.  Give it a wide berth when travelling".  A customer mutters to another.  "If I were you I wouldn't go that way on your trip". 

Thock's intrigued and walks over to discuss the keep with the customer.  "Where is that place located? What makes it so scary?"  

The customer (an older gentleman wearing a dirty tunic) says "An elf!  I haven't seen an elf in these parts for years!". 

Thock knowing that the customer might be concerned about his elven heritage treads lightly "Sorry sir, I didn't mean to alarm you, I just overheard you talking about that keep.  I'm down on my luck, I need a few gold pieces".  

Customer "Years ago, that keep was home to a local lord, he died a horrible death when the castle was raided by Orcs, since then people say that the Lord haunts the castle!". 

Thock thanks the old man and leaves out the front door.  Determine to explore the old keep. 

From the outskirts of the town the keep looms atop a large hill, not more than a few miles from town. 

The trip doesn't take very long, and soon Thock is standing on the steps of the old keep.  Drawing his sword he shoulders the door and steps into the darkness. 

His elven eyes adjust and he makes out a small dirty room, there are two doors.  Which one? 

East seems like a good idea.  Thru the door is a hallway, thock steps out and looks around.  It's quiet. 

Another door is across the hall.  Thock walks to it and finds it unlocked.  Inside is a large pool of water, that must have come from underground.  Laying in the centre of the pool of water is a marble statue of an elven woman.  Immediately Thock thinks of his wife.  Searching thru the pool, thock finds nothing of interest, other than a few rusted hinges and an old lock.  The remains of an old treasure chest lie at the bottom of the pool.  Nothing... Cursing his luck, Thock looks around the room. Another door. 

It is still very quiet, thock starts to get a bit more adventurous and pushes himself thru another door.  Nothing, just scraps of old clothes and the remains of a campfire.  To his right a door is open only slightly. 

Having thrown caution to the wind Thock hasn't realized that something is starting to drip from the ceiling.  Moments later, thock realizes that he is pain.  Slime drips into his eye, an he quickly swings his sword.  It has no effect and slings right thru the slime.  Thinking quickly Thock starts to wave his hands slowly.  A greenish hue emits from his wrists, a bolt of pure energy in the shape of an arrow is released from his hands.  It hits the slime, causing it to shrink.  

Thock pushes his way past the slime and into the next room.  He is starting to feel really woozy.  "If only I had thought to bring someone along with me....." 


In his effort to get away from the slime, he has run into a giant crab.   "What were these two monsters doing being as close to each other as they are? This makes no actual sense?"  

Thock swings his sword and smotes one of the crabs claws directly from his body.  

He feels week, his legs are starting to get sluggish

The crab opens its giant maw and bites at Thock, blood spills from his chest. 

He falls to the floor, weakened from the bite and the slow poison that is seeping thru his system.  With one last test of strength he swings his old sword at the crab.  A hit directly into its under belly.  The crab pushes thock over and bites down, thocks stomach contents spills on the floor.  His legs have already disapeared, becoming slime.  

The last thing that thock thinks about his family, then sweet oblivion.  The crabs desperately tries to eat its lunch before it becomes a puddle of slime. 

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