Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cool DIY Things

Here are a few little DIY projects and coolness that I've noticed crop up on G+ that you may not know about.  Some of them might be helpful to you!

James Spahn wrote up a B/X Thief variant here

Samwise Seven RPG has been working on a OSR/D100 game called "Eighteen inches of blood"

The Old School Blue Podcast is back.  I laid down the theme song for that one.

Antonio Bravo did an actual play of Labyrinth Lord on youtube.

"They come but what are they" random cool table from James West

Great blog post from Pits & Perils (Olde House Rules) about playing "dumb characters"

Tales of the Jolly Roger Jaunty OSR Pirate Adventures in a Sea of Rascals

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