Thursday, July 26, 2018

A little update on things

Alright so I finally got my proof for "the return of the blue baron".  It looks fantastic! It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would.  I was figuring that it might be a few weeks, with all of the border issues we have been having.

If at some point, there's  a little extra things written for the baron, I'll put it up as an addendum download on drivethrurpg.  I know this kinda of stuff happens when working on creative things.  I excellent example of this is (and honestly don't hate me for it):  When Nickelback finished "Silver Side Up", they had finished the whole recording, and mixing etc.  The day after everything was complete the legend goes that, that was the day Chad wrote "how you remind me".  Obviously there's no way of knowing what the impact of the record would be without that song, but with it the band skyrocketed.

Note, you can order a print copy from createspace here.  And the FREE pdf here

I am officially done with this project (as far as my part of it is concerned).  It's actually a really big weight off my shoulders.  Having this proof in my hands, has given me a new wonderful feeling and the kick in the ass that I needed.  I have a pile of projects that I've been slowly working on and I think it's about time to start getting them done! I've been drawing a lot more maps latetly, and I actually started working on one digitally in GIMP, which I have to say is weird, but interesting.  Honestly more testing needed.

I should note, that we would be more than enthusiastic to get a review of rotbb, we would be over the moon! If you do, please use the hashtag #rotbb and thank you thank you!

If this works out, I will put the map up on the blog under CC, for anyone to use.  And "those damn goblins", I honestly don't know, the line just popped into my head while I was doodling.  This map should be done hopefully by friday.  (free map friday perhaps?).

Here's the unboxing video.  When I got the package I was crazy excited, but I thought "K I think what could be fun is to make my wife do it".  Unfortunately, she got tied up in traffic and I was on pins and damn needles waiting for her. 

TONIGHT! I get to play "Twig" in a actual play of the blue baron part 2.  You can watch us live here. A little info about Twig:   not the strongest, or the smartest, or even the wisest, although twig could probably stomach anything. In fact, twig may even bet people.

I've got vacation coming up very soon, so don't worry about me I'll just be unplugged for a little while. (2 weeks of camping!)

I am very much enjoying podcasting (which is partially why there's been a lack of blog posts the last little while).  If you are interested come join us on Anchor! Here is a detailed list of OSR types doing their shows.

I noticed the #rpgaday2018 is starting soon.  As usual I think I'll do one shot blog post on the whole thing.

Alright that's about all the rambling I can do today.

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