Saturday, July 7, 2018

D20 starting locations other than a tavern

Just a few home base, starting locations

1. Rocs nest in a tall tree.
2. Basement of a castle
3. Orc stronghold in the mountains
4. Sewer (outhouse road stop)
5. Large horse stable
6. Roadside fireworks seller
7. A hut filled with gypsys
8. An old temple on a cliff
9. A valley filled with large mushrooms
10. A large crater
11. Aboard a sailing ship
12. A crash landed spacecraft
13. Back of a wagon, bound and gagged
14. Lost in the wilds
15. An old farm house
16. A grave yard
17. On the road between small towns
18. Lowest level of the dungeon
19. A wizards tower
20. At a jousting tournament in the countryside

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