Monday, January 14, 2019



1.  Loose a few teeth from a bar fight.
2.  Win 1d6 x 10 SP at cards.
3.  Spend an evening with a paramour, robbed in the night.  Loose 1d6
x 10 GP or equivalent merchandise.
4.  Win a treasure map.
5.  Wake up in jail, sentenced to 2 days hard labour.
6.  Win a small animal familiar.
7.  Screaming headache from grog, loose 1 constitution for 1d6 days.
8.  The "soup of the day" has given you really bad diarrhea.  Spend
1d6 days in bed.
9.  Apparently you were so drunk you decided to regale the bar with
tall tales.  You were tipped 30 SPs
10.  You arm is broken from a arm wrestling match that went sideways.
Loose -2 Strength for 1 month.
11.  You won a very large egg, it seems warm to the touch.
12.  Your leg really hurts when you wake up, you realize that you got
a tattoo! Gain one point of Charisma for 1d6 days (due to your great
13.  Winnings from a excellent game of dice include:  a pair of worn
shoes, a silver dagger and a large framed canvas (worth 15 GPs)
14.  You've got a new follower/henchmen (whose a bit annoying, asking
lots of questions).  They have pledged their life service to you (plus
a few gold pieces here and there).
15.  Stuffed in your britches are 2 scrolls (bless and cure light wounds).
16.  There's a note on your pillow, apparently you bought a round for
the bar.  You owe 150 GPs to the barkeep.
17.  Awful bed bug infestation! Loose 1 Constitution for 1d6 days.
18.  There are 3 full bottles of expensive wine in your backpack
(worth 5 GP each).
19.  You have a "writ of residence", it appears you won a small cabin
in the woods from some unlucky gambler.
20.  A ticket for taxes owing on public drunkenness, you owe 15 SPs to
the local magistrate.
21.  Winnings include: A 3 stringed badly damaged lute, 1 jewel worth
200 GPs and a pair of decent wool socks.
22.  You are know the proud owner of a donkey  named "Shillelagh"
23.  Pounding headache and stomach ache.  Loose 1d6 days with a
massive hangover.  Plus 50 SPs.
24.  There is a large gold 2 handed sword propped up against your door
(+3 against evil).
25.  You wake up in jail, you can't remember what you did, but you
know it was bad.  There's blood all over your hands.  Loose 1d6 days
awaiting trial.  Fined 300 GPs.
26.  The god's of luck were on your side, and you made out like a
bandit.  There's a treasure chest in your room filled with:  500 GPs,
250 SPs, and 1d10 jewels worth 100 SPs each.
27.  You pissed off the local authorities so bad, that you were
evicted from town.  You wake up under a tree, badly bitten by bugs
while you slept.  Loose 1 CON and 1 CHA for 1d6 days.
28.  There's a rose on your bed, and a note "Thank you very much, I'll
see you at the church at 9 am".  It's 8:30 am.  It appears you
proposed marriage.
29.  Lost one finger playing "knives" and 40 GPs.
30.  One of your party members was kidnapped, a ransom note explains
to bring 400 GPs to a out of the way place, there is a map detailing
the location.

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