Friday, January 18, 2019

Random Fungi Available Now

Get It Here: 

This is a collection of random tables for use with Old school gaming.  As you might able to tell by these tables, I’m a bit quirky.  All of these have come from my blog, and as such they are already freely available.  I decided to put them all together in one document, just for ease of printing and at the gaming table.  If you paid anything for this, thank you very much! For the most part the tables deal with “fantasy” worlds, however there are a few post-apocalyptic tables as well.  There are a few tables in here that have already appeared for PWYW, once again I just wanted to put everything into one document.  For the ease of printing, I also decided to not put any artwork in this.  If you enjoyed these tables and found some use out of them, I’d love to know.  You can write a review on the site that you downloaded this from. 

The OSR Logo on the title page was done by Matt Jackson.

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