Monday, January 7, 2019

So basically I've been a bit busy.

Pardon the rambling.

Just latetly I wrote an adventure for Matt Jackson.  He has a series of Barrow mounds that he is populating.  

The one I did was called "The Grey Acolyte" and it's just been released.  Here:

The setup:
The Grey Acolyte was burned long ago as a heretic.  He preached that the world would change, the gods would fade and the land would rot.  After he was burned, his carcass was thrown into a makeshift grave to be forgotten about.  Rumours exist the he was buried with ancient religious texts, and the wealth he accumulated from worshippers.  The wealth was thought to be tainted.

Just a quick note, It's friggin deadly! The rules are B/X Essentials.

I intend to do a few more of these. I like them because most of the maps don't have a pile of rooms in them. It allows for some major creativity!

Matt gave me a crazy shout out, which was very nice:
The always awesome @Shane Ward mentioned in his latest AnchorCast that he wrote an amazing adventure for me and I have failed to share it with the world! So Happy New Year all, and enjoy a most excellent adventure written by the awesome Shane Ward!

In other news, I'm almost finished the layout project for D-oom publishing.  Should have it completed tonight.  Then onto a NEW layout project.  A heartbreaker house rules project.  Woo! I'm excited about that.

In other other news, I created a group on mewe called "the lab". The gist of which is a place to bounce ideas off of people, push each other to complete things, possibly collab when needed.  If you are interested it's here:

My intention was a place to bounce writing ideas off of each other. I remember when I first started on gplus and there was so much fun stuff happening, conversations would quickly turn into fun gameable stuff. Later on FB the "FY DIY rpg group" did some fun stuff as well.

Oh and I recorded a podcast on the weekend:

On a personal note, I'm desperately trying to not bite my nails this year.  So far so good.   3 days.  Oh and I really want to learn how to spell "unfortunately" correctly this year.

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