Thursday, August 1, 2019

Cool things Thursday

Surfing thru OBS this morning and found some cool stuff!

A 'game engine' in the form of a 2D6 19 Hex Flower.
There must be the odd occasion you want to track ‘something’ e.g. a monster, relative to the PC’s location in three dimensions. The PCs might be in an airship or underwater. This Hex Flower is designed to do just that ….

You can read more about this Hex Flower Engine idea here:
I'm very happy for you to pay nothing for this product; and anything given to me will only be frittered away on RPG-related wares anyway. That said, even a nominal sum like 50 cents seems to bump this thing up the DriveThru charts! 

H'Excel Crawler - a random 'hex crawl' map generator using Excel

This Excel widget can generate random ‘hex’ terrain maps.

Randomly generates a 'Hex' map (i.e. squares in a hexagonal array)

Global settings – raise or lower the terrain of the whole map

Regional settings – raise or lower the terrain in a portion of the map
Screen capture mode (‘Snap Map’)

Edit mode – generate a map and tweak it, or build the map from scratch

Customisable random encounter tables
Refresh encounter (but keep the map the same)

In Hex locations, for encounter locations etc. 

The Morose Highlands - Supplement for #ZweihanderRPG

*There seems to be a TON of stuff for Zweihander RPG
Here's a short video on some community created content for Zweihander.


Dark Fantasy Magic is a collection of tables and short essays to inspire the creation of wizards, spells or entire magic systems. You can also use this book to generate characters, spells and magic for stories, comic books, etc. 

The focus is on dark fantasy tropes: flawed heroes, terrible villains, corrupting magic, ominous ruins and damned wastelands.
This is mostly a system-less book, to be used with any game of your choice, but some parts are written with the most popular RPGs in mind (you know, six abilities, hit points, saving throws, etc). It is especially suited for medieval dark fantasy games, such as my own (Dark Fantasy Basic). 

*I did a review about Dark Fantasy here

Grinding Us
Grinding Us is a gruesome OSR module marking the 10th-anniversary of Grinding Gear (2009) and the fifth-anniversary of Forgive Us (2014), both published by Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It has been designed for use with LotFP, but is easily adaptable to other OSR systems.


  1. Goblin's Henchman is awesome. I had not seen these others, will give them a look! Nice to see people promoting other creators!

    1. Case in point

  2. Goblins henchman and Skerples are the most innovative thinkers right now.

    1. I think there are others as well ( but I agree that they're two of the best. Skerples in particular everyone already knows though haha, I feel like there are a lot of people doing awesome things that aren't in that top 5 or so list that everyone knows, that are getting largely ignored, because there's just so much stuff and it's hard to break into that level of ubiquity.

    2. Agreed! Those 2 are right outside of the box. Great stuff. I haven't spoken directly with Skerples, but I've done a few things with Goblin's Henchmen, super nice dude.

    3. Case in point