Sunday, September 27, 2020

d30 Crowd sourced "Jerk henchmen" table

I rejoined mewe last week, I had taken a bit of a break from RPGs and social media while working thru a lot of tests for my job. Jumped on the osr forum and suggested creating a table. Here you go.

Big thanks to: Arthur B, GLG Johua, Shane E, Bud, Steve C, Rod T, Kryinn E, 

1.  Bakall, never seems to have a sharp weapon, or a weapon handy.

2.  Awet, runs at every monster, except rats. Totally skeeved out by rats.

3.  Magal, greedy swordsman that counts loot whilst engaged in combat.

4 Ronaldie, wildly flatulent.

5.  Jessica - has gotten banned from every tavern on the coast due to her wandering hands.

6.  Nutsy, always leaving a trail of peanut shells wherever he goes. Occasionally, the odd person turns pale at this and quickly moves away.

7.  Barrelhouse Baskil, a mediocre and craven swordsman, who constantly subverts the characters plans by saying "You really think that's a good idea? Huh."

8.  Jaynal the Anal. A foppish middle-aged human who constantly complains about everything.

9.Born Again Bran, overshares his personal Testimony, loudly, every time the party stops.  Worse, he's a Nugganite from Discworld.

10 grojan, always wants to turn right in the dungeon

11 some people call him Tim! He always suggests the longest way possible

12.  Terrek the Foppish, a mediocre wizard with great taste in foppish hats.

13 quibd, stops to tie his shoes at inopportune times.

14.  Kam Fantac, illustrious thief and bard, who sings about all his party's recent exploits...

15.  Gotago - needs a pit stop 10 minutes after the party enters the dungeon.

16.  Tassel, barbarian braggart that suffers from extreme rhabdophobia, to the chagrin of the party wizard...

17). Tanzer, M-U, won't stop talking about how everyone confuses him with Tenser.

18 Neb, critizes all party decisions, doesn't offer solutions until after. Woulda coulda shoulda.

19.  Pardu of Pallmall  - stalwart lancer who frequently talks about how cool his previous adventuring party was - their priest had the best God  ever, their magic user knew the most awesome spells...

20 Laz, carries a large extremely dull sword.  Which matches his wits.

21.  Nudford is a wiry halberdier who has a monster brain eating fetish; he sometimes "accidentally" makes too much noise to attract them.

22.  Rasp, a cursed cleric with two tongues, you never really know which one to believe...

23.  Money Bags, the party gambler who looses half the loot carousing in the tavern on the first night back. At least he always makes certain that sacks don't have holes, like that wretch, Spills...

24.  Harkin, Spends most of the time charming himself into oblivion.  The rest of the time he smokes random plants he finds and dries.  

25.  Galwit, Much better than his brother Halfwit who died when a tree he was cutting fell on him.  Galwit tends to tell that story often, even to people who have heard it before.  

26.  Horah, A wonderfully excellent thief, her sneak ability is a bit low due to the rather large heeled boots she wears.  

27.  Goolang, A troubadour who only sings songs that rhyme on sundays.  Every other day are haiku's that are in a extremely weird time signature.  

28.  Nahgi, claims to have every alchemist ingredient known to man and elf in her backpack.  In reality, the backpack contains dust, spider webs, weird triangular shaped dice, and medieval hair spray

29.  Abrati, A reknown healer, who is a complete fraud.  He does however talk a big talk, and every town he enters people know of him, they tend to even give him money.  

30.  Jabjib, An half orcish smuggler, who wears rather loud jingly bells on his boots. 


  1. 31 (if it falls off the table and the cat bats it under whatever that weird buffet-console thing is your wife made you buy at Ethan Allen) Pacino: the combo player/NPC who loves to yell "Say Hello to my Little Friend" at every Raid or War Party.

    1. Hahaha epic! I apologize I inadvertently deleted your comments on the last post, and reposted the text.