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 So I read this the other day:

and thought "Fuck now I have to write a mega dungeon".  Here's the WIP for level 1.

Dungeon Description & Origin

The dungeon was previously an old city.  During a time of great cataclysm, the old city was buried in sand.  Recently an entrance to the city was discovered.  The original city was built in and around a large crevasse, the upper levels were those of the merchants having easy access to the outside world & trade routes.  The middle levels were that of middle class dwellings.  Deep within the lower levels were the rich, living in extravagant underground mansions.  

Nearby the ruins of the city is a small village, where the PCs make their homebase.  Many adventurer’s have looked long and hard for the entrance to the old city, many have never found it, and many have died, never bringing back tales of the city.  

Level 1 

24 rooms.  Monsters include Assasins hiding out in the dungeons, and a group of Bakula’s (Beatle humanoids), The BBEG is a medusa, Something similar to orcs. 

*Theme is an old city, warehouses for mechants, destroyed square with wagons, etc. 

1. Monster:  There are a pile of broken wooden wagons, small merchant tents, refuse.  The square is littered with skeletons in states of decay.  A few of the wagons contain CPs, decent goods, rope, etc.  There’s a large pool of dark tar occupying most of the room, its a about 8 inches deep in the centre.  The area is home to a small group of dwarven miners & excavators who have travelled here from their homeland in search of gold.  Among them are members of an assassins guild. These could be great additions to the adventuring party as hirelings.  A few of the dwarves have setup shop selling wares to adventurer’s and some of the denizens of the first level.  The alliances between the dwarves and the Bakula’s are shaky to the say the least. 

2. Monster:  Turquoise slime.  This is the remains of a tavern.  The slime is on the ceiling of the tavern.  The bar contains 4 giant kegs.  Behind the bar is 300 GPs under the floor boards.  On the walls are ancient paintings worth 50 SP each.  

3. Monster:  Fire Ticks (like beetle).  A former dwelling with furniture, beds, hearth etc.  The remains of a giant creature (actual giant humanoid) are on the floor.  Bites have been taken off of all the limbs.  A family of fire ticks occupy this area.  The giant had a warhammer of smiting +3, can only be carried by someone of 15 strength or higher.  On a 19-20 it does double damage.  It’s inlaid with runes that appear to be made of ice.  

4. Empty:  This was likely a brothel or bathhouse at somepoint.  The entire area is filled with skeletons wearing next to nothing for clothes.  Some of the skeletons are still in their evening wear, while relaxing in the pool.  The water in the pool is potable.   

5. Special:  An ancient temple, statues.  To gods that have long been forgotten.  Praying here will grant bonus clerical spells once per day.   

6. Monster:  Cobra snake, 

7. Trap:  sliding staircase that dumps the players into the second level..  ROOM #  

8. Trap:  illusion left here by a group of assassins to kill off the bakulas.  It appears to be a giant bee hive filled with honey, the honey is dripping all over the floor.  

9. Special:  This room holds the remains of a dragon.  Inside are the zombies of the men that killed it.  There are 20 fucking zombies in here.  There’s also a lot of fuckign treasure.  So whatever.  Go for it.  

10. Monster:  Bakula lair guards, guard eels? Sure eels that somehow can move onland, and wildly innarporiate.  Like they will kill people but also think they are in fine physical shape and comment out there behinds.  Honestly I’m just writing at this point, so it doesn’t really matter, but I feel like this might be fucking hillarious.  Alright next bit. Note the whole idea behind this is to write, and not actually edit shit.   Just goto town, and then deal with the consequences at some other point.  Okay next thing. 

11. Monster:  Bakula lair kitchens and stuff

12. Monster:  Bakula lair + the leaders area.  

13. Empty:  

14. Empty:  A small medical centre that held areas to help the infected, inflicted, etc  

15. Trap:  Spear trap near a door, if the door is opened with out checking, 4 spears will penetrate from the ground and the ceiling, impaling whoever is in the doorway.  Here is some treasure of the bakulas.  

16. Monster:  Medusa lair.  The room has 12 statues that only go from teh torso down, in some cases only feet.  The medusa has been thwarted a few times from this room and is no longer here.  THe statues were originally full length, but over time and battles have been destroyed. 

17. Monster:  Gnome trader, who is working with both the bakula’s and the dwarves 

18. Trap:  this trap has been set by some of the dwarven miners to stop monsters getting too close, there is a large treasure chest filled with actual gold.  On every side of the chest is a pit trap which is triggered by the floor.  The only way to actually get at the gold is to come cfrom above? Nope that sucks.  

19. Trap

20. Monster

21. Trap 

22. Trap  

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