Monday, September 8, 2014

Pre-review of The Overrun Mines From Thaumiel Nerub

+Thaumiel Nerub 
Hello! Just finished reading The Overrun Mines! Before I write a review here's some thoughts:

- in room descriptions number 12 is replacedwith number 13 so there's 13 twice
- 11 is a little unclear for me first time read. Thought there are dead skeletons but stats told these are attacking types. Two entries later (13) it came?clear that there are undead goblins! This was a little?confusing for me at first...
- crazy stats! 17 grey worms have HPs not HDs. Are both 1 HD monsters (young worm max hp and larvae min hp) or are young grey worms 8 HD and larvae 1 HD?
- crazy stats in 19 with dark elf having AC 15... This should be 5? (If the 1 is typo in front of it or you accidentally used ascending the right result should be either way 5 ;) ). Also dark elf has HPs not HD. Hard to figure out is he 1HD with max hp, 2HD with average hp or 8HD baddie!

Those were biggest mistakes and weirdnesses I found. Small typos I don't care about.

But I liked this! Simple, easy to run, engaging, loved traditional traps. Resurrection table and underworld day rules are great! I like when adventures include some extra material you can use after the adventure is played. Also I love rumor tables!

And one question I am interested in. Pregen characters, did you roll the stats, roll for starting wealth, buy the equipment? It's a nice detail how much (or less poor starting adventurers) they got gold. This has nothing to do with the review, I am just curious!

Anyways, me likes. Review will be blogged after I run this. Because I really want to run this thing!

Thanks buddy! I am going to make all of these necessary changes on version 2.0 of the pdf.  

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