Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pretty sure I'm throwing my nephews in a dungeon tomorrow.

I've often talked about the "endless tunnels of enlandin".  In fact I really should setup a play by post for it.  You can grab it here btw -

Here's why I like basic D&D,  I'm bringing a bag of dice, my copy of basic, and the dungeon in a bag.  That's it!  No 3 large tomes, no remembering the DM screen, or minis, no having to bring large pools of dice, or a calculator for that matter.  Just the small rules book, the dungeon and a couple of dice and we are good.  Of course add imagination.

Now to the Endless tunnels, honesty a really great module, I dunno how many times I've read it, I started playing it one night after a 5e game with my players.  I believe it has 5 dungeon levels in the nice throw back blue!  There's a dragon in there, a crazy wizard, all kinds of random bad guys, traps, etc.  The module isn't really set anywhere, so by happenstance It will be set within Thunderrift (which I've been having a love affair with).

Now all I gotta do today is wander over to +Dyson Logos  blog  and grab one of the awesome character sheets he has and I'm good to go.

So tomorrow after presents, and a few rum & eggnogs, the boys will be off to battle kobolds in the first level of the dungeon.

Should be fun!

Do you have any plans for Christmas gaming?

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